Who Is the Winner of Giveaway 5?!

Giveaway 5 has officially completed! Thanks to everyone that picked up some of our new swag and for all the donations for Make-A-Wish. We were able to raise over $504K for Make-A-Wish! We are in awe, and so stoked!

Now for the juicy stuff... 
We made the LIVE announcement on Tuesday 1/19 on IG & FB!
If you missed it, no worries! Here are the 5 potential winners!

Our friend Brody helped us with the random selection of the Giveaway 5 winner. He spun a giant wheel with the 5 names on it and when the wheel finally stopped, it landed on.... 

Michael, M of Nebraska! 
Talk about some awesome luck! Congratulations, Michael! Kicking off 2021 on a good foot! 

It's not over, though.... Michael has decided to take the $100K cash-out option, which means.. the satin silver Raptor is still up for grabs! 
We're going into Overtime! 

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