Car Wash Products + Instructions



Glossy glaze is a ready to use solvent and silicone based, medium gloss tire shine with a pleasant fresh fruit fragrance. it adds a brilliant deep wet look shine to tires, rubber moldings and exterior trim that will last for weeks!

Glossy glaze protects your tires and trim from damaging uv rays to prevent fading and cracking. it is water resistant and will stand up to rain and multiple car washes to keep your tires looking glossy for a long time!

Glossy Glaze Instructions:

Clean surface first with an all purpose cleaner or degreaser. apply glossy glaze directly to clean tires using a foam applicator pad or mist on using a sprayer. allow product to thoroughly dry before moving vehicle.for a lower gloss, buff excess product away with a clean microfiber towel.


The glass cleaner is an ammonia-free, ready to use glass cleaner. it quickly removes oil, dirt, fingerprints and smoke film from windows. it leaves behind no product residue making your windows streak-free and sparkly clean!

Glass cleaner can be safely used on tinted windows, windshields, mirrors, glass and chrome.

Glass Cleaner Instructions: 

Use full strength. to clean the outside of windows: spray a light coat of glass cleaner directly on glass surface. wipe clean with a dry lint free towel. to clean the inside of windows: spray glass cleaner directly onto a dry lint free towel and wipe down interior windows until clean.


Stoked soap is a concentrated car wash shampoo fortified with high grade carnauba wax. it safely removes tough dirt and grime while protecting your paint at the same time! its gentle ph neutral formula lifts away dirt from the surface while leaving behind a layer of carnauba wax protection for the ultimate high gloss shine.

Stoked soap is safe to use on most vehicle surfaces and its high lubricity formula quickly rinses away to give your vehicle a spot-free brilliant finish every time!

Stoked Soap Instructions:

Mix 5 ounces of stoked soap in 5 gallons of water. spray vehicle thoroughly with water and apply soap with a clean wash mitt or sponge. rinse vehicle with water. dry using a clean chamois or premium microfiber towel for a spot free shine.


Gritty grime is a water based, biodegradable all purpose citrus cleaner. this concentrated cleaner is excellent for quickly removing tough dirt, grease and grime from most interior and exterior surfaces. it is fast acting and dries with no product residue.

Gritty grime can be used to clean carpets, vinyl, fabric, shop floors, tools, tires, engines and much more.

Gritty Grime Instructions:

For engine degreasing: dilute 1:4 with water and apply with a sprayer or pressure washer. for interior cleaning: dilute 1:10 for cleaning of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. apply with a sprayer or applicator pad and scrub surface. dry area with a clean terry towel. for carpet and upholstery cleaning: dilute 1:8 and apply with a brush. scrub fabric vigorously then vacuum.


Highly flammable liquid and vapor. may be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. causes skin irritation. may cause drowsiness or dizziness. keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. no smoking. avoid breathing fumes, mist, vapors or spray. wash skin thoroughly after handling. wear solvent resistant protective gloves.


If in eyes: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. remove contact lenses if present, and easy to do so. continue rinsing.

if inhaled: get fresh air immediately. if swallowed: immediately call a poison center or doctor/physician.


Step 1: Park vehicle in the shade if possible.

Step 1A: If you want to clean the engine bay, have your engine ran for a bit so it is warm under the hood. Open the hood and hose down the engine bay. Use the orange Shaka Suds - Gritty Grime citrus based sprayer bottle to apply a generous mist over all components. Let it sit for a few minutes. Use the long-haired scrubber brush (you can pre-soak the brush with water) and quickly scrub areas under the hood. Rinse with hose. Next, spray a generous amount of Glossy Glaze over any components that you want to have shine such as black plastic or rubber parts and close the hood. 

Step 2: Use garden hose with Ronin Factory Spray Nozzle or pressure washer to first just wet the vehicle and remove all dirt from the body, wheels, tires, etc. Make sure to get as much of the dirt off as possible without touching as it could scratch painted surfaces

Step 3: Connect our Foam Sprayer to the Spray Nozzle and fill the Foam Sprayer bottle with the green Shaka Suds - Stoked Soap to the fill line. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. 

Step 4: Pre-soak the Squatch hand scrubber mitten with the soapy water and then spray a section of the vehicle with the soapy water solution. If washing a car or truck, work around the vehicle, panel by panel. Generally, work from top to bottom. Choose a panel and spray it with the foam sprayer, then scrub gently with the Squatch mitten. Re-soak the mitten as needed to keep it wet. Once a section is scrubbed with soap, rinse it with water and continue to the next section, repeat until you have completed all surfaces. 

Step 5: Finish rinsing the vehicle so all soap is removed. You can then dry off the vehicle with your favorite towels. 

Step 6: Wheels/Tires – Wet again the wheels and tires, you can use the same soap sprayer again. Use the Gritty Grime spray bottle to generously spray the wheel and tire. Spray one or two tires at a time before moving onto others. For the tires, you can use the long Bristle Brush to scrub the sidewalls of the tires. Pre-soak the brush and you can spray additional Gritty Grime as you scrub. For the wheels, use either the Squatch Mitten or the Bristle Brush to scrub the wheels/caliper. Rinse off the wheels and tires and then spray the Glossy Glaze on the rubber sidewall of the tire. Repeat with other wheel/tires.

Step 7: If you have any other rubber or plastic parts that you want to shine up, use the Shaka Suds Glossy Glaze spray bottle to pre-soak our Grey Ronin towels and wipe down any components that you want to shine. 

Step 8: Windows/Mirrors: Use the Shaka Suds blue Window Cleaner to spray the exterior windows and mirrors. You can use the grey Ronin Factory Microfiber shop towels for this. 

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